AMMIH on The Daily Buzz

Psycho and I were invited to make a guest appearance on The Daily Buzz this morning. I woke up at about 4 am (Does that count as being the butt crack of dawn?) to shower and get ready.

Here is a little bit about the show, which I borrowed from wikipedia:

The Daily Buzz is a nationally syndicated morning news program produced in Orlando, Florida by ACME Communications shown mostly on The CW or MyNetwork TV affiliates. The show is one of the fastest growing syndicated shows in America. It started on September 16, 2002 with 10 stations and has grown to encompass 39% of American television audiences. The show is known for its informal atmosphere as opposed to its more conservative counterparts.

The three-hour program is broadcast every weekday morning. It is currently carried in 149 U.S. television markets, some of which only broadcast two hours of the program.

It’s also broadcasts on Full Sail University’s campus.

We had the absolute pleasure of meeting with, and being interviewed by Andy and Andrea. They seemed genuinely excited to sit with us; That’s always a plus!

Right now the whole show can be seen on Ustream. I’m working on getting a high res version which I’ll be sure to upload to our youtube channel. We appear twice, once at 00:47:00 and then again at 01:33:25.

Free live streaming by Ustream


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