Thank You: The Process

It feels like I’ve been thinking about my Thank You cards forever. Do I make them look like the invitations? Use imagery of our spartans in Recon? a picture from the wedding? Well, after spending hours in photoshop with game images of us in Recon, and trying to incorporate invitation design elements, I gave up. I decided to go with something entirely different.

Thank You Card PhotoshootOut of all of our pre-wedding photos, the ones I enjoy the most include Augustus (affectionately named so by one of our bridesmaids.) Eventually I came up with the concept of photographing a romantic gaming scene with Augustus in the background while focusing on our wedding bands. Lacking equipment and photography skills, I called my good friend Tom Winn for help. The photos turned out great!

{ CLICK HERE to see pics }

Thank You Card (Design 2)Psycho and I were pretty torn about 3 different images. One showing Augustus, one with very focused wedding bands and blurred controllers, and lastly, an image of both our hands resting on a controller. After asking a few friends I decided to go with the last one. Our hands on the controller seemed like the most personal photo. We owe so much to our friends, family, and of course all the sponsors who helped make our wedding day possible. I’m hoping the Thank You card imagery helps convey our gratitude and sincerity.


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