Thank You: RF Photography

AMMIH Engagement PhotosRF Photography was the official photographer for our wedding. We were introduced to Frank sometime in August of 2008. In early September we had the pleasure of having him take our engagement photos. They turned out amazing and are by far the best pictures of Psycho and I.

Although we had been together for over three years, we had very few photos together and even fewer good ones. Thanks to Frank that is no longer the case. He was very easy to work with and completely open to all the shots we wanted to take with our Legendary Halo Head, which happen to be my favorite shots.

RF Photography was started over 15 years ago in Orlando. The naming of RF Photography is a easy one. ‘R’ for Roxanne (wife and boss) and ‘F’ for Frank (primary photographer). Frank received his first camera at the age of 13 and it was love at first sight. He immediately immersed himself into photography. He worked at several camera stores to support his ‘habit’ and photographed his first wedding at the age of 18. He worked in photography his whole life in one aspect or another. From hand printing color portraits for a studio outside of San Francisco to custom B&W printing for labs in southern California.

Our wedding photos were just as beautiful as the engagement shots. Frank was able to capture great photos of everyone at the wedding. Family and friends (curious Halo fans too!) are able to order prints of the wedding directly from the RF Photography website. I’ve conveniently set up the domain name to go straight to the images. Sadly, they will only be available for purchase online until March 30th. Please make sure to order your prints if you haven’t done so already.

Official Wedding PhotosOver the next few weeks, I will be using Frank’s photos to personally thank each vendor. Thank you RF photography for providing us amazing photos of our extremely unique and special day.


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