Hawty Just Got Hotter

bs angel

Having a Halo Themed Wedding comes with people assuming a lot of things about you. For instance that you’re a total fanboy and know EVERYTHING about Halo. Sadly (or happily?) this is not the case. Although I’m comfortable with the amount of Halo knowledge I’ve acquired over the years, the vast halo community was a bit of a mystery to me.

After the press release about our wedding made it’s way around the Internet, I started getting quite a few congratulatory emails from people. Some were from couples who had met while playing halo, while others were from gamers we brought hope to. lol But one email stands out the most and for several different reasons.

This particular message was from bs angel who was selflessly offering to make us halo themed invitations and/or thank you cards at cost only. How kind of her I thought, but I will embarrassingly admit I had no idea who she was. You’d think the links to HawtyMcBloggy.com and Halo3Screenshots.com in her signature might have been a clue, but no.

What excited me most about her message was actually the fact that she had a storefront on Etsy.com – Just like me! So…we continued to exchange emails while I remained as ignorant as ever.

Interestingly enough, while playing with some new friends a few months later, bs angel came up in conversation. bs angel? Why did that name sound so familar? Could it be the same person I had been emailing months prior?

“I often help her with graphics for her blog,” Halcylon shared. “Hawty McBloggy, it’s a VERY popular Halo blog.” Holy crap! It was the same person! I couldn’t help but laugh at myself. I felt like such an idiot.

Thankfully, there is no longer a question in my mind as to who bs angel or Hawty McBloggy are, and I’m proud to announce she and I share lots of mutual acquaintances, follow each other on twitter, though most importantly, that I read her blog everyday now.

*For those of you as clueless as I was, HawtyMcBloggy.com was recently redesigned by Halcylon and is looking as Hawt as ever. Be sure to make reading her blog part of your new daily routine.


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