There’s about to be MORE Zombies on our lawn…

PopCap has announced more mayhem to come to our recently well defended lawns.

A while back we fell into this curiosity from obtaining Zuma (and that’s thanks to Hawty McBloggy), then looking into other games that were made by PopCap. No one ever told us about Plants Vs Zombies. Maybe they could have saved us from getting ensnared. But we checked it out. Bam. Hooked.

Since that initial PvZ binge, we found out there was rumor of it making it to XBLA. I’ve been waiting so long to finally hear that it’s made it and was still asking about it when it launched on the iPhone (That’s a link to the iTunes Downloader…). But now…IT HAS!
The official release date has not been declared (Early September…see below Dtoid article), but Aug. 1st they should be clarifying that for us. I’m a bit bitter for the wait, but it seems they are trying to sugar-coat it by adding Co-op and Vs. modes. That is a sweet deal, I’d say.

And, If you can’t get enough PvZ until it comes to the Marketplace, go here for more Plants Vs Zombies fun! (You can even make your own Zombatar!)
You can also get it on Steam for $9.99 as well.

Now it’s time to get it stuck in YOUR heads…again.
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