So, Plants Vs. Zombies finally hits Xbox Live! We’ve been patiently awaiting its arrival, too. (If you can believe that…)

We became addicted to this game a while back, and since have given it a rest. But now that PopCap has dropped it to our favorite console, it’s on once again. The game comes with its original zany madness peppered with new twists that make it that much better.

Choose sides in the new Versus Mode or take up arms (or leaves) against the Zombie horde in Co-op, either way, PvZ is a lot more fun with friends. Unfortunately, you can’t do it over Live. It is strictly local only. This was done intentionally from what I’ve read earlier. ( I will post the link as soon as I find it. )

  • Versus- This mode was indeed a blast! Plants side is played just like the Adventure mode, meaning you have to protect your houze (yes…that was intentional), but you need to kill Zombies that are holding targets at the other end of your yard. Zombies side is a bit different, you need to protect those targets while trying to get just one zombie to eat the other player’s brain. The zombies get Tombstones that give you “brains.” These brains act as a currency just like sun for the plants… Creative, isn’t it?
  • Co-Op- This is where it gets interesting. Each player gets to choose what plants they can use in the yard, but only have four slots for seed packets. In this mode you can play short, quick games, or go all out in Adventure mode. Be sure to do the quick games first so that you have your strategy down before you take on Adventure Mode. You need communicate to your partner to keep a sound strategy. Sun is shared. So you each need to be careful not to bogart all the sun. Another thing that’ll keep you on your toes, is this thing they call a “double-sun.” Occasionally two suns will appear side-by-side, when this hits your grass, both players need to hover over it to pick it up.

With the new modes to play in, it seems like this game is full of zombie-killing fun…But wait, there’s more! PopCap has also given you more mini-games, puzzles, and survival mode to conquer, and of course, the Zen Garden is still waiting for you. Did I mention the Tree of Wisdom? Yup, it’s there too. There’s even a cool way to view the Leaderboards for Survival mode. You get to view what your friends have done by what their virtual house looks like.

The Good- Plants Vs. Zombies is chock full of replay value! So much to do in such an addicting game, it will be hours of undying fun!

The Bad- The only problem I have with it is the inability to play with my friend over Live. They say that Live would be an ill experience (with people dropping out of the game just because they’re losing) for this game, but I’d like for them to let us judge that. I would say just make it an invite only deal, I just want to play with friends anyway. Other than that, the game is phenomenal.

The Price- 1200 M$ Points ($15) This alone should be the reason to buy it. The PC/Mac version is $19.99 and you get MORE with this version. How sweet is that?!
Add it to your Xbox Queue now!

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AMMIH Rating: 5/5
Sicky’s Motion Sickness: 0/5


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