New Vegas DLC Hinted

The ever watchful people over at NeoGAF (link) have noticed trademarks registered for names regarding Fallout New Vegas. Filed by ZeniMax Media, these three trademarks could be the first word that we hear about any new content coming to the Mojave wasteland.

Recently, Dead Money was released and brought The Courier to the elusive Sierra Madre casino. With three new content packs, it is very possible we will be seeing The Courier facing up against some of the other story elements you may hear spoken of throughout your travels. Such as Joshua Graham as an example, ex-Legionary general turned barbeque.

Keep in mind this is not an official announcement of future DLC, and just speculation. Keep your eyes peeled for more information because it can’t be far behind if they intend to release another content pack anytime soon. A good place to watch for info is the Fallout wikia (link).

[source: Kotaku]


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