Bulletstorm Incoming


“This DEMO is intended for promotional purposes only”

Boy have they got that right…. But I’m going to take it a tad bit further for them. Above you see a walkthrough by GearsCON‘s Liam Ashley for the Bulletstorm DEMO now on the XBL Marketplace. If you haven’t Downloaded this yet… you should.

The Bulletstorm DEMO showcases it’s exclusive Echo Mode, a “Point Run,” essentially. This mode takes you through a certain scenario and you “Kill with Skill” earning as many points possible to show your mark on the Leaderboards. And, as the DEMO (Grayson Hunt, Space Pirate) says, “This is just a succulent morsel of the greatest damn game ever made.” There’s a slew of games out there that could rival that, buddy… but there will be MANY people who will agree with you….

This game is highly anticipated and will be lovingly “broken in” by the GCON crew, along with a “Game with the Developers” Event. Keep an eye on their page Here to keep up on the details.

I am counting down the days myself (4) until I can christen this bad boy. I will be brandishing a nice new review for the full game later next week. After that, counting down the days until Gears 3 BETA opens up for us to tear it apart. Oh, wait! You didn’t know? You should… Those who pre-order Bulletstorm for the 360 will get a Gears of War 3 BETA Invitation. I got mine. AND, if you pre-order through Amazon (Bulletstorm Game Box Below), they are giving a $20 Amazon credit toward your next purchase. Win… EPIC WIN.

Check out the Bulletstorm Trailer featuring Filter’s “Hey Man, Nice Shot”
More GearsCON Fun
Pre-Order through Bulletstorm.com

If you haven’t pre-ordered this bad boy yet…you EPIC FAIL. The game launches on Tuesday, Feb. 22nd. Yes, that’s THIS Tuesday. I’ll make it easier for you…

“HEY! Dick-Tits, this game aint gonna Pre-order itself!” – Grayson Hunt


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