E3: Dance Central 2

The next biggest Kinect game announced at E3 was a successor to the game that dominated at launch. It’s easy to say that Harmonix is definitely holding the torch for Kinect right now. We still enjoy Dance Central and CANNOT wait for 2 to be released.

Dance Central 2 will improve on the original in so many ways… To start, they already have MORE songs, better variety, and new Dance routines.
Here is just a few songs that they’ve released so far…

Now, I, myself am REALLY excited to get to dance to Usher, Far East Movement, and B.O.B./Bruno Mars- Nikki Minaj? Not so much…

40 new tracks are in Dance Central 2, but you will also be able to import the track list from the original. Also, ALL DLC from the first game will work for 2 as well. The full track list is still To Be Announced, so keep your pants on… I’ll post this list when it becomes available.

If you watched the vids above, you’ll notice something interesting… and awesome! You will now be able to have a friend (Spouse, Sibling, or Enemy even) join in on the dancing AT ANY MOMENT during gameplay. 0.0
This would make those Dance Battles a little more enjoyable, and maybe even dangerous… Be careful which partner joins you. You don’t want to get a black eye from a Fist Flail.

With Dance Central 2’s updated soundtrack, player Drop In/Out, and new moves to learn, I’m certain we’ll be jumping on that Launch Day.

SickNdehed, I Challenge YOU to another Epic Dance Battle; DAY 1! Let’s do this!



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