Saturday Morning Chatter: WTF?

Ryo here with the first of what I intend to be a weekly ordeal. It’s been awhile since I’ve been seen on the site, and it has been even longer since I decided to shoulder a weekly article slot. Tech Tuesday was my last attempt at things, and while I enjoyed doing it some things just didn’t work quite right. Today I introduce Saturday Morning Chatter.

SMC will be a slot reserved for various things, and likely wont always be authored by me. I intend this to be a collecting pool of any interesting tidbits that float into my news feed or I overhear on some podcast on my way into my minimum wage slave labor job. It is also my intent to use SMC as a community discussion.

With that said, I will watch the comments to any of these posts and respond if time allows to help promote discussion since we lack a forum here at AMMIH. So without wasting anymore time, I present to you today’s tidbit located on Joystiq: Rumors of a Farmville movie. So read up, puzzle it over, and come back here to chat about it. Above all else, while participating in SMC keep it civil and respectful. It also helps to have this bookmarked just in case.


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