Buck’s Birthday Wish

“Stabilize then pop your chutes! We’re going in hard!”

-“Don’t tell my mother.”

OK nobody invited you to the Fun Bus… and look, you done mixed up quotes… It’s not even supposed to be about quotes! jeez…Let’s just get to the point…

Nathan Fillion’s 41st Birthday just passed and he tweeted one wish, and it was for a $1. Yes, one dollar. He asked his adoring fans and friends to contribute one dollar to My Charity Water – an organization dedicated to helping nearly 1 billion people who do not have access to clean drinking water to get it. Watch the vid for an explanation…

Below we see what he has raised so far…
Nathan's My Charity Water Progress

Majority of those who contributed helped out more than what he’d asked; we did. Now, from what I can see, in five days time he has already met his goal… But, I have a new goal for you. There are 86 days left. Let’s make it count and double it, heck, TRIPLE IT! Nathan isn’t asking us to do this for him. This is for those who are in this crisis. If you are unable to help monetarily, just help by spreading the word. Help us help Nathan give the gift of life.

“There is nothing in life that doesn’t start with water.” -Nathan Fillion


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