SMC: Curved Swords

So the one piece of news that I have been a bit overly excited about is the announcement that Skyrim is receiving a patch that adds in Kinect support. Why is that awesome to me? Because I step forth to admit to screaming “Fus Ro Dah, you son of..” at my television in vain far too many times with it doing nothing more than making me feel a little better. That all changes the week of the 23rd.

So not only can you yell the Dragon Shouts at your TV to lay down some vocal ass kicking, you can also hotkey weapons and search the map for specific places. Both handy, but arguably the most useful feature out of the soon-to-be voice enabled Skyrim is the ability to do quick saves and quick loads without a menu. The press release for this patch stated that over two hundred voice commands will be included giving us an interesting and completely optional tool for our adventures in the cold homeland of the Nords.

Thank you Bethesda for releasing something like this around my birthday this month. I know what shall be part of my celebration this year. Check the video below and see why the uninitiated will be avoiding some of us for awhile after overhearing much more shouting at a video game.

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