SMC: Uncertainity

Ryo here with a bit of news that makes me scratch my head. I can’t really tell if I wish to even attempt to watch a movie made from a beloved series again.

It seems the director Prachya Pinkaew is making a Tekken prequel, prequel to the first moviethat I still say sucked. After suffering through that one and the horrendous DBZ film, I am left with a bit of a sour taste in my mouth when it comes to film adaptations anymore.

There are a few things that will make me want to see this one regardless. Prachya is one, and the other is one that is always a bonus: they intend to actually find people who look like the characters to fill the roles.

I’ll keep this one short, here’s a good thought to end on: who else has a horror story from a movie based on a game/anime they really enjoyed?

[source: Joystiq]


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