Borderlands 2: 96.5% More Wub Wub

I have been completely addicted to this game, so I wanted to share a couple things with you.

  1. 1. Another cool trailer I found.
  2. 2. A review article by someone from the Wall Street Journal

Every time I see one of these trailers, it makes me Joy Puke. I was wondering where that ignorant journalist got that term from…

I’d comment on this guys crap, but I’d be writing a wall of text, Rage Puking. I’ll not do that. Enough of the community has done so already.

Here’s another article on that by SaraphimBlade over at N4G. I think he should’ve played BL2 before responding to this guy’s crap, but he’s got a point.

I want to see your comments though. What did you think about the WSJ’s “Review”?


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