Forward Unto Dawn: Part 1

Forward Unto Dawn debuted with its first installment of a 5 part series. This gives us yet another perspective in the Halo Universe.

I’m a real big fan of back-story. Reading Fall of Reach after playing Halo was pure joy to me. I don’t care what medium it comes in; books, games, movies, webisode, etc. If it will show me more about characters or events I’m familiar with, I’m all for it.

Keep an eye on Halo Waypoint and Machinima Prime for more of these Halo 4 morsels. IGN also has a FUD wiki guide. It’s kinda cool to poke around and see what info has been posted already.

Forward Unto Dawn will continue to air every Friday leading up to Halo 4’s release. This is the “calm before the storm”, gentlemen. It has started…


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