PAX 2012 Recap

This is where I tell you all the cool crap we did on our trip to Seattle for PAX Prime 2012. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

PAX 2012

This was our first year not having 3-Day passes. We can say, “Thank You” to whoever had the bright idea to host the League of Legends Regional event this year (not really). We were only able to buy Friday and Sunday passes for us both. Well, we made up for that by staying an ENTIRE WEEK.

The Good

I got to get some hands-on time with a few upcoming games, most of which I’ll be going over during our PAX Swag Giveaway. Keep an eye out for those posts, there’s some good games coming soon. I wish I could say that I have crazy details about every one, but PAX never really was about the games with us. It’s about the community. It brings all the cool people you’ve played games with, met in forums, and follow on Twitter to the same place. Meeting people (friends) for the first time that you talk to from across the continent is one of the coolest things to me. It’s always nice to see those that we haven’t seen since the year before, as well.

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The Bad

The lines. Straight up. I just wanted to get in the line for Borderlands 2. EVERY single time I ventured over (I damn near stalked it) to the BL2 line, it was capped. This was the problem for most of the other good games as well.

Far Cry 3 had a booth set up with a stylist. They were awarding willing PAX goers who would don Vaas’ Mohawk a copy of their game on release. This line was capped every visit as well. I actually got up early Sunday morning, got to the convention center at 9am, and bolted straight for that line as soon as it opened. Capped… in thirty F#ing seconds. I wanted to rage quit PAX… right there.

The Ugly

The flight home was the most upsetting trip I have ever taken. I explained most of this here. The worst part is that we made it through PAX clean and free of N3rd flu infestation; The guy who sat next to me on the first flight home had it. I did not like him.

The Awesome

We got a chance to tour the PopCap building! They have a giant Bejeweled touch screen. Yes. I said that. Here’s that…

We got SWAG. PAX swag… not the secret from the seventies…
We’ve got another busy week next week, but it looks promising for our PAX swag giveaway to start then. We’re still working on details, but it’s soon. I PROMISE!


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