XCOM: Enemy Unknown

I saw this game at PAX, but it did not register that this was XCOM. I feel so ashamed because I liked the original, and I should have known. Gamer cred -1.

This is IGN’s review of the game:

I couldn’t help but notice that this game looks crazy complicated… I like that. I absolutely love strategy games. Come on, my name is after Vandal Hearts (Favorite game of all time. Ever). Now, UFO Defense was complicated too. I imagine Enemy Unknown will be completely overwhelming. I usually don’t like that idea. But when it comes to strategy games like this, I welcome it. And that’s REALLY bad, because it’s strategy games that take up WAY more of the time that I don’t have.

Take a look at the original, UFO Defense:

This here, is a gameplay demo for Enemy Unknown:

This was the first time I saw this Demo. I now want this game! NAO!


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