Skyrim: Dragonborn

Hello readers, I bring to you news from the distant lands I return from. Well, not really but it sounded cooler than what actually has been going on. I do bring news of that beloved time-eater called Skyrim.

Avid gamers not too long ago pulled some information from the last patch to Skyrim on the PC. In doing so they managed to determine some interesting things were about to happen. They discovered new lines in the coding that pointed towards a new DLC.

Now at the time, Bethesda had yet to officially announce anything but did offer up one tidbit that they would be releasing a video today. Well they did release that video, and yes it confirms that the next DLC is coming and will be titled Dragonborn. The trailer has me excited to play this new content. Adding in the ability to use a dragon as a mount with one clip showing you flying around on the dragon? Yes, please, just wrap that right up and deliver it to my house. I wont spoil what else is shown in the trailer here, but know that we have to wait until December 4th to get our hands on this new adventure. Enjoy the trailer, and get your gear ready to go to Solstheim.


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