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Forward Unto Dawn: Part 3

in Gaming, Halo, Machinima, Video

What the hell is that?! I…. I think… it was raining bodies…


PAX 2012 Recap

in AMMIH IRL, Gaming, Geekery

This is where I tell you all the cool crap we did on our trip to Seattle for PAX Prime 2012. The good, the bad, and the ugly. This was our first year not having 3-Day passes. We can say, “Thank You” to whoever had the bright idea to host the League of Legends Regional […]


Forward Unto Dawn: Part 2

in Gaming, Halo, Machinima, Video

I like where it’s going already. Although, it seems… predictable. I hate waiting a week at a time. Til next Friday…


Halo 4 Terminal: Requiem

in Gaming, Halo, Video

343 shows us a sneak peek at information on one of the Terminals in Halo 4.


XCOM: Enemy Unknown

in Gameplay, Gaming, Video

I saw this game at PAX, but it did not register that this was XCOM. I feel so ashamed because I liked the original, and I should have known. Gamer cred -1.


Forward Unto Dawn: Part 1

in Gaming, Halo, Machinima, Video

Forward Unto Dawn debuted with its first installment of a 5 part series. This gives us yet another perspective in the Halo Universe.