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A techie geek and gamer from a small town. I can always be found messing around with my laptop or sitting down in front of my tv to dive head first into a good video game.

Be Safe Out There


With the holiday season upon us, we all face a now familiar foe. Tomorrow the carefully picked parcels that have been tucked away will be assaulted by the hands of a frenzied man, woman, or child. Each year, we gather round to celebrate our respective beliefs and each year is similar but unique all the […]


Skyrim: Dragonborn

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Hello readers, I bring to you news from the distant lands I return from. Well, not really but it sounded cooler than what actually has been going on. I do bring news of that beloved time-eater called Skyrim.


A Tale Crafted On The Back Of A Community

in Gaming

Now, I know I’ve been dark on the site for a little while. Blame my job and my new found fascination with community made mods for Skyrim. I first picked this wonderful little game back up since purchasing the Dawnguard DLC on the 360. That sparked my interest in re-installing my copy on the PC […]


SMC: Anticipation

in Saturday Morning Chatter

With the announcement of the beta for Dawnguard, I find myself ready to plunge back into Skyrim full force. Ready to load up characters that have over a hundred hours of game time on them simply to get a feel for how I built them, and what I should do next for preparing a character […]


SMC: Dawnguard Speculation

in Saturday Morning Chatter

Morning. Now many of you have already watched the Dawnguard trailer by now if you are a fan of Skyrim.


SMC: Head Trip Time

in Saturday Morning Chatter

Ryo here, bringing along a little video for all the Arkham City fans out there. Have you ever seen Mark Hamill actually laugh like the Joker? No? Well check out the video below.