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A techie geek and gamer from a small town. I can always be found messing around with my laptop or sitting down in front of my tv to dive head first into a good video game.

SMC: Uncertainity

in Saturday Morning Chatter

Ryo here with a bit of news that makes me scratch my head. I can’t really tell if I wish to even attempt to watch a movie made from a beloved series again.


SMC: Waaaaah!

in Saturday Morning Chatter

Random bit of semi-gaming related news, I now apparently have a dog. How is this related to gaming at all? Well awesome Player Characters get dogs as companions of course. Oh, also I’ve taken to calling him Dogmeat since he responds to that really well oddly enough. Geeky stuff aside..


SMC: Popcorn Shrimp

in Saturday Morning Chatter

So recently I have discovered an old passion of mine. Something that is very familiar and I have fond childhood memories of. One of the very first things I used to seek out in the mall on every trip by the arcade. Pinball.


SMC: Curved Swords

in Saturday Morning Chatter

So the one piece of news that I have been a bit overly excited about is the announcement that Skyrim is receiving a patch that adds in Kinect support. Why is that awesome to me? Because I step forth to admit to screaming “Fus Ro Dah, you son of..” at my television in vain far […]


SMC: The Story Thus Far

in Saturday Morning Chatter

So I’ve been following the buzz about Mass Effect 3’s ending despite my better judgement. I have not personally played the game due to various other things taking up my time right now. From what I have seen through videos and watching a friend go to town on it, the game seems really enjoyable. As […]


SMC: One Thing I Miss

in Saturday Morning Chatter

Every once in awhile, I remember the expansive collection of games I have built up over the years and decide to try out one of the older ones. Recently I dusted off my old N64 and had a blast going through Star Fox 64. I still think Peppy is a senile old man and Falco […]