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Buck’s Birthday Wish

“Stabilize then pop your chutes! We’re going in hard!” -“Don’t tell my mother.” OK nobody invited you to the Fun Bus… and look, you done mixed up quotes… It’s not even supposed to be about quotes! jeez…Let’s just get to the point…


Mass Effect 3 N7 Challenge: Operation Goliath

Brute SMASH! Ever get smashed in the face by a brute and wanna get some heated revenge? Yeah, Me too! Now’s the time… BioWare has announced this weekend as it’s first ME3 Multiplayer challenge weekend starting tonight at 5:00 PM PST(2 hours ago) and run until 5:00 AM PST Monday morning. Details are as follows… […]


Screenshot Sundays in Danger

Last week I came across an announcement on stating they are no longer going to be hosting Halo related material after March 31, 2012.



Every time I hear, say, or see MEGACON… I hear it in the voice from the radio commercials… If you haven’t heard it, you’re missing it. Penny Arcade needs to get that guy on their shit. I can hear it now… PENNY ARCADE EXPO *echos* This year was my first visit to MegaCon. I volunteered […]


Screenshot Sunday #106

“Stalker” by Mal90 on 11.11.2010


Screenshot Sunday #105

“Conquer” by sicfReak0 on 12.22.2010