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These pages are the ‘Foundation’ of the A Match Made In Halo website.

Like Old Friends

We’re like old friends, right? You know the kind. The type that will call you after 3 years out of the blue, wondering how you’re doing. The type of friend you can easily catch up with despite the long period of silence, as if no time had ever past. That’s us, isn’t?


Down But Not Out

‘… Its been a long time, been a long time, been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time…..” It was important for me to write today, so here I am. I had no idea how to start this post, as is often the case, and that Led Zeppelin song just popped in my head, […]


Donate & Win Gears of War 3

Note: We have a PAX recap still in the works but we thought this post was important enough to go up first. Our folks over at StickSkills are aiding in the campaign for Extra Life (A Sarcastic Gamer Community Charity Effort). For those who do not know, Extra Life is a non-profit organization that raises […]


Minecraft – Lego’s On Steroids

Ryo here for a long overdue little piece on a favorite addiction of mine, Minecraft. I have been a player of this game for quite some time along with the two million or so purchasers. What makes this game so good? Simple. It is Lego’s on steroids.


Screenshot Sunday #83

Dark Warriors “Crimson Hero” by SniperReturns on 2.18.2011


Miles Davis: The Cat found a new toy

Wednesday, June 8th: Scott Robinson (Mr_Sark), the Managing Producer at Machinima Respawn was leaving for E3 when he found…. THIS…