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Halo:CEA Hang’Em High and Kinect Integration

You read the Title, right?! Of course you did… Did you clean up the Mess you just made? No?! OK that could wait…. Ok, It says Hang’Em High, but the name of the map is “High Noon.” Now, I know that this map was a fan favorite that was just as Iconic as Blood Gulch/Coagulation, […]


Holiday Feast of Gaming

Many folks out there are already dreading Christmas and it’s drain on your pocket. It’s a good drain, it makes people feel good, brings family together, and everybody leaves happy. Except for the weird Uncle that gives everyone socks… Anyway, for these folks, that drain is still a few weeks away. But for us gamers, […]


E3: Dance Central 2

The next biggest Kinect game announced at E3 was a successor to the game that dominated at launch. It’s easy to say that Harmonix is definitely holding the torch for Kinect right now. We still enjoy Dance Central and CANNOT wait for 2 to be released.


Halo Dance Central

How could I have missed this? It must have quietly snuck by as I struggled to avoid the internet on April 1st. Watch carefully though, I’d hate for you to miss all the awesomely renamed dance moves. Let’s dance! 1, 2, 3, 4…Reach Around, Melee The Grunt, Betcha Can’t Stick it, now Plasma Dodge, Tea […]


AMMIH Podcast #8: Back from Hiatus

No more month long gaps… Sorry for the wait everyone. We’ve been busy little bees, and I’m assuming the holidays aren’t going to help either. One thing we’ve been busy with is House Hunting. We’ll keep you updated on that happens with that. But, now to the good stuff… In this podcast: Desirai Labrada, GT= […]


AMMIH’s Dance Central Weight Loss Challenge

The last 3 years PsychoVandal and I have been spending Thanksgiving at our friend Crystal (Matron of Honor) and Mike’s (Groomsman) house. This year was no different and as always dinner was delicious. We were excited about bringing the Kinect and Dance Central to the party with us. Although everyone was shy to give it […]