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Like Old Friends

We’re like old friends, right? You know the kind. The type that will call you after 3 years out of the blue, wondering how you’re doing. The type of friend you can easily catch up with despite the long period of silence, as if no time had ever past. That’s us, isn’t?


XCOM: Enemy Unknown

I saw this game at PAX, but it did not register that this was XCOM. I feel so ashamed because I liked the original, and I should have known. Gamer cred -1.


Kinect’s 2-Way TV

Yet another way for us to implement the Kinect’s potential for learning/creativity… I have been impressed with everything I’ve seen the Kinect do. I’m certain that this is just the tip of the iceberg.


Halo 4 Weapons

Edit: Thank you to oXEROPAINo for pointing out that both videos were the same. I’ve just updated them to make sure there is a Covenant weapons video and a UNSC weapons video. There’s a lot of ruckus going on about these weapons. I do not like the sounds. Watch these two videos about each faction’s […]


Angry Birds: Space first gameplay footage

SPAAAAAAAACE! Our boys over at Kotaku showed us some Angry Birds: Space. Now, we here at the AMMIH household, love ourselves some good mobile gaming… and an Angry Birds sequel is most welcome. This game looks AMAZING! I can’t wait to play it. Over and over and over again…. Wait, just one more…. There are […]


DragonVale: A Zoo filled with Dragons

Nothing. But. DRAGONS! How awesome is that? Pretty friggin awesome.