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Uncharted 3 BETA oops

Those who have seen me tweet about the “Uncharted 3 BETA” codes may be a bit confused. I know I was. Here’s the scoop.


Holiday Feast of Gaming

Many folks out there are already dreading Christmas and it’s drain on your pocket. It’s a good drain, it makes people feel good, brings family together, and everybody leaves happy. Except for the weird Uncle that gives everyone socks… Anyway, for these folks, that drain is still a few weeks away. But for us gamers, […]


Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Here’s some video goodness of Peace Walker. Recorded from the playable demo that was showcased at E3 earlier in the month.


Bulletstorm Incoming

“This DEMO is intended for promotional purposes only” Boy have they got that right…. But I’m going to take it a tad bit further for them. Above you see a walkthrough by GearsCON‘s Liam Ashley for the Bulletstorm DEMO now on the XBL Marketplace. If you haven’t Downloaded this yet… you should. The Bulletstorm DEMO […]


Bioshock= “Infinite”ly Awesome

As much as I loved the first Bioshock, Bioshock 2 added a bit of appeal with the same feel. Now it seems, Bioshock: Infinite will bring a whole lot more to the table. Check out the Early Gameplay Video from IGN. The next ten minutes of your life will be full of AWEsome…