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Forward Unto Dawn: Master Chief

Check out a little Behind the Scenes look at Forward Unto Dawn’s Master Chief by CruelLEGACEY


Forward Unto Dawn: Part 4

Oh, this is getting Goooooood! Ok… with them being able to do this, someone please tell me why we cant haz Halo Movie?



Halo Waypoint gives us another live action trailer for Halo 4. Here is “Scanned.”


Forward Unto Dawn: Part 3

What the hell is that?! I…. I think… it was raining bodies…


Forward Unto Dawn: Part 2

I like where it’s going already. Although, it seems… predictable. I hate waiting a week at a time. Til next Friday…


Halo 4 Terminal: Requiem

343 shows us a sneak peek at information on one of the Terminals in Halo 4.