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Mar 12

Angry Birds: Space first gameplay footage

SPAAAAAAAACE! Our boys over at Kotaku showed us some Angry Birds: Space. Now, we here at the AMMIH household, love ourselves some good mobile gaming… and an Angry Birds sequel is most welcome. This game looks AMAZING! I can’t wait to play it. Over and over and over again…. Wait, just one more…. There are […]

Jun 27

Angry Birds’ Eggscelent Cookbook Coming soon

At the Open Mobile Summit in London, Peter Vesterbacka, Rovio‚Äôs head of marketing and business development recently announced that the masterminds behind Angry Birds will be releasing a Cookbook. Yes, that’s twice I said, “Cookbook.”

Jul 22

Angry lil Birds…So Angry

I don’t know how it happened. It was like a silent plague that came in. Sick got it first. Again, I don’t know how. But it has spread so fast that our little one, roommate, and even co-workers have caught it within two days.