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Apr 08

iPhone OS 4

Hot on the tail of the recent iPad launch, Apple also announced a major upgrade to the iPhone operating system. In a nutshell, there’s some really nice stuff coming down the pipe. Here are some of the highlights from today’s press event

Apr 06

iPad vs JooJoo… FIGHT! LET’S GET IT ON!* – Tech Tuesday #34

In case you haven’t kept up with the news, or turned on your tv in the past week, the iPad officially went on sale to the general public a few days ago and sold a staggering 700k respectable 300k units on launch day. I reviewed the iPad a few weeks back (new readers can get […]

Feb 09

Tech Tuesday #27 – The Apple iPad

Hi folks, InStyle76 here taking over Tech Tuesdays from the mighty Ryokea. This week I wanted to cover a device that received a tiny bit of media coverage over the past two weeks: the Apple iPad. That was sarcasm, in case it didn’t come through in writing. This device has received so much attention I […]

Jan 26

Tech Tuesday #25: The End Of Taking Things Seriously

Hello again everyone, taking a break from busting up Paradiso minions to relax in my chair and flip through some news. Yes, then it is straight back to playing Bayonetta. Sad part? The guy who created it, Hideki Kamiya, will probably be more recognized for Bayonetta than the Devil May Cry series. Anyway, that’s a […]

Dec 22

Tech Tuesday #20: Multitasking On Random Games And Networks

Ryo back with another seemingly random title. Today’s has nothing to do with a video, so I’ll just eliminate that outright for you. Came really close to trying to figure out a way to make this TT a bit…holiday cheery sort of thing, but none of my ideas seemed quite right. So instead I will […]

Oct 13

Tech Tuesday #10: Is This Really A Craft?

by Ryokea in Gaming, Tech

Welcome back, everyone. Another eventful week just zipped by, and another week of me trying to teach my cat not to tug my keyboard off my desk when I am trying to work. Quick question, how many of you followed the news about NASA’s mission to slam a rocket hull into a crater? If they […]