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Jan 21

SMC: Invites All Around

So, come home today and sit down to check out some news before I go perfect my mage on Skyrim. Seems people have been getting invites to the Halo 4 beta.

May 25

I Smell A Montage

Bungie has closed the doors on the beta for Reach, but before doing so they called out to the community for them to show the most interesting/bad-ass moments from their experiences on the beta. The community delivered. So what do you do with a bunch of film clips from awesome kills, weird glitches, and just […]

May 13

Halo: Reach BETA Part 1

Now, to get this straight… this may be a review, but it’s on a BETA! Remember that. This is also meant to be taken simply as observations of what we’ve seen so far and by no means are we judging this beta. Both PsychoVandal and Ryokea co-wrote this to bring out a few points and […]

May 09

Screenshot Sunday #46

“Warrior’s Flame” by o XEROPAIN o on 5.08.2010

May 02

Screenshot Sunday #45

“Grit” by El Roboto on 4.30.2010