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Nov 30

2011 Reading Challenge Update #4

I’ve finally hit the half way mark. Only 12 more books to go, with 31 days left. I need to read 3 books a week to win. Up until now I’ve been averaging one book a week. God, I’m never gonna make it. Who’s stupid idea was this reading challenge anyway? Oh wait.. it was […]

Nov 23

2011 Reading Challenge Update #3

Just in case you were wondering, this reading challenge isn’t getting any easier. It took me a whole week to read the last book which was only 150 pages.

Nov 16

2011 Reading Challenge: Update #2

The race to read 24 books before the end of 2011 is still on! Unfortunately this week was pretty slow for us. I went from 9 to 10 books by reading: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime by Mark Haddon PsychoVandal went from 4 to 5 books by reading: Gears of War: […]

Nov 09

2011 Reading Challenge: Update #1

Last week we announced a little catch up competition between Psycho and I. In January we both set a goal of reading 24 books for the year. Unfortunately we’ve fallen incredibly behind on our reading. In an effort to motivate ourselves we turned it into a competition and are now rushing to finish our 24 […]

Nov 03

AMMIH’s 2011 Reading Challenge

Once upon a time (January of this year) Psycho and I decided to participate in the 2011 goodreads.com reading challenge. We set what we considered an acceptable goal of reading 24 books for the year. At the time, 2 books a month seemed doable. However, we’re now two days in November and Psycho and I […]