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Mar 01

Robot Entertainment turns 4!

I was originally going to write a crazy love story between myself and Hero Academy, but this is just WAY cooler. RE is celebrating their 4th Birthday this weekend! I think it’s fine time to help them celebrate it, too. How? Take part in their Steam Celebrations that they’ve set up for us!

Mar 29

Buck’s Birthday Wish

“Stabilize then pop your chutes! We’re going in hard!” -“Don’t tell my mother.” OK nobody invited you to the Fun Bus… and look, you done mixed up quotes… It’s not even supposed to be about quotes! jeez…Let’s just get to the point…

Dec 18

Happy Birthday PsychoVandal!

I realize this year your birthday is not quite as exciting as you had hoped. Hopefully knowing we have many wonderful birthdays (together) ahead of us helps. I love and appreciate you. Happy Birthday. Love, Sicky