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Sep 04

Screenshot Sunday #86

Back in the Saddle… “Clash” by ScratchButt on 9.17.2010

Apr 10

Screenshot Sunday #81

In lieu of Bungie’s Weekly contest #14, I looked for a few Hunters to show this week. There’s also one titled that I know Hamrick could enjoy… “Shadow of the Colossus” by KeenEyedMole on 1.19.2011

Feb 16

Defiant To The End

The Defiant Map Pack has been officially announced and a reveal trailer has been released. This isn’t shaky and blurry footage from a handheld camcorder with a hand written note held in front of it, this is the real deal. Hit the Read More link to check out the trailer, and for a link to […]

Oct 18

Full Sail LAN Party with Josh Hamrick

Above- Josh Hamrick, David Jorgenson, and David Brown Early on last week we found out that Josh Hamrick, the Sandbox Designer from Bungie Studios, was going to be doing a presentation on Full Sail Campus on Thursday, October 14th. We started planning for it then. But, at 6:15 on Oct. 11th, using Twitter, Josh decided […]

Oct 15

AMMIH Podcast #6: Halo Obsessed Idiots

Week #6 After the funk… it’s a good thing we waited. Mobile games, of course, then we take a look at “Apt. 117” and mention that Josh Hamrick, from Bungie, will be re-visiting Full Sail soon. (That’s on our doorstep!) We also have more sad electronic news…

Sep 20

AMMIH Podcast #4: Cats & Dogs

Week #4 guys! We’re rolling at a pretty good pace. In this one we cover a few more Mobile Games, give a shout out to a listener with a special request, and found out about a new “toy” to play with. We had to run this podcast a bit short due to a special guest […]