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Jun 13

E3: Dance Central 2

The next biggest Kinect game announced at E3 was a successor to the game that dominated at launch. It’s easy to say that Harmonix is definitely holding the torch for Kinect right now. We still enjoy Dance Central and CANNOT wait for 2 to be released.

Oct 07

Dead Rising 2 Review: CASE 2

Dead Rising 2: Multiplayer Welcome to Part Two of my review of Dead Rising 2, in which I address the games Cooperative play, Multiplayer modes, and some other stuff I might’ve missed in my initial review of the Single player Campaign.

Sep 09


So, Plants Vs. Zombies finally hits Xbox Live! We’ve been patiently awaiting its arrival, too. (If you can believe that…) We became addicted to this game a while back, and since have given it a rest. But now that PopCap has dropped it to our favorite console, it’s on once again. The game comes with […]