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Sep 11

Pre-PAX Madness!

To get things started on our glorious trip to Seattle/Kirkland for PAX, we flew in two days early to get a feel for the area (and because tickets were $100 cheaper 😉 .) When SickNdehed told me that we had a layover in LA, I wasn’t too thrilled. Well, something interesting came out of our […]

Jul 27

Video Recap for July

Official XBox Magazine: World’s Biggest Halo Fans Sick’s Etsy Page – Official “Surviving the Flood” Sale to be announced shortly…

May 12

GEEK Monthly Magazine: With This Game

Geek, nerd, dork… you may have been called these names before, we sure have. But have you ever taken the time to distinguish the difference? No? Well here… let me help you with that… ” Official definitions for nerd, geek, and dork each use the words “inept” and “foolish.” Nerds have the added distinction of […]

Apr 25

WJRR’s Earth Day Birthday Sweet 16

It was a long day filled sweat and excitement. Psycho and I spent the day at the Earth Day Birthday concert we won tickets to back in February. It’s been years since I’d been to any all day event. I couldn’t believe how many women were walking around topless with nothing more than body paint […]

Apr 18

Central Florida Lifestyle Magazine

A couple of weeks before the wedding, Psycho and I had the pleasure of being interviewed by William Richards from Central Florida Lifestyle Magazine. It was great speaking with him and we were honored to have him at the ceremony. Sadly, we have not been able to get a copy of the magazine. From what […]

Mar 29

Thank You: RF Photography

RF Photography was the official photographer for our wedding. We were introduced to Frank sometime in August of 2008. In early September we had the pleasure of having him take our engagement photos. They turned out amazing and are by far the best pictures of Psycho and I. Although we had been together for over […]