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Nov 05

Skyrim: Dragonborn

Hello readers, I bring to you news from the distant lands I return from. Well, not really but it sounded cooler than what actually has been going on. I do bring news of that beloved time-eater called Skyrim.

Jun 09

SMC: Anticipation

With the announcement of the beta for Dawnguard, I find myself ready to plunge back into Skyrim full force. Ready to load up characters that have over a hundred hours of game time on them simply to get a feel for how I built them, and what I should do next for preparing a character […]

Jun 02

SMC: Dawnguard Speculation

Morning. Now many of you have already watched the Dawnguard trailer by now if you are a fan of Skyrim.

Apr 07

SMC: The Story Thus Far

So I’ve been following the buzz about Mass Effect 3’s ending despite my better judgement. I have not personally played the game due to various other things taking up my time right now. From what I have seen through videos and watching a friend go to town on it, the game seems really enjoyable. As […]

Oct 21

Gears 3 DLC on its way

A couple weeks ago, Epic announced the “Horde Command Pack” DLC to be released on November 1st. I read it, saw the trailer on the dashboard, and said, “meh”. But, yesterday, I saw something that piqued my interest. The headline, Gears of War 3 gives you more RAAM got me a little excited. Then reading […]

Jan 08

New Vegas DLC Hinted

The ever watchful people over at NeoGAF (link) have noticed trademarks registered for names regarding Fallout New Vegas. Filed by ZeniMax Media, these three trademarks could be the first word that we hear about any new content coming to the Mojave wasteland.