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Apr 28

SMC: Waaaaah!

Random bit of semi-gaming related news, I now apparently have a dog. How is this related to gaming at all? Well awesome Player Characters get dogs as companions of course. Oh, also I’ve taken to calling him Dogmeat since he responds to that really well oddly enough. Geeky stuff aside..

Feb 11

SMC: Good Night Adam Adamowicz

Ryo here with a bit of depressing news. I’m not sure how many of you knew the name behind the look, but Adam Adamowicz was the talent behind Fallout 3 and Skyrim’s concept art along with several other Bethesda games.

Apr 07

I’m Back And With Candy

by Ryokea in News, Video

Not really though, the candy part at least. Let’s just say that things were a little crazy for a month or two. I’ll spare the details, for both of our sakes.

Jan 08

New Vegas DLC Hinted

The ever watchful people over at NeoGAF (link) have noticed trademarks registered for names regarding Fallout New Vegas. Filed by ZeniMax Media, these three trademarks could be the first word that we hear about any new content coming to the Mojave wasteland.

Nov 25

New Vegas

When I say Fallout. What images does that single word conjure up? For many old school gamer types, days of top down turn based combat in a post apocalyptic wasteland are called forth from the depths of their minds. For the newer generations of gamers, Fallout 3’s FPS and RPG elements are called to mind. […]