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Oct 21

AMMIH Podcast #7: Do as I say, NOT as I do

Coming in late on #7, We go over contests and our feelings on previous week’s events. In this Podcast: Desirai Labrada, GT= SickNdehed John Henry, GT= PsychoVandal Jeffrey Pia, GT= Xx InStyle xX Cheyne Sutherland, GT= o XEROPAIN o

Oct 19

Josh Hamrick: Memoirs of a Gamer

This past Thursday, Full Sail University’s Game Development program Graduate, Josh Hamrick the Sandbox Designer form Bungie studios, gave his Alma Mater and its current students a presentation about his life leading up to and becoming a Game Dev in the industry. His presentation was thought provoking, inspiring, humorous, and most of all… driven. To […]

Oct 18

Full Sail LAN Party with Josh Hamrick

Above- Josh Hamrick, David Jorgenson, and David Brown Early on last week we found out that Josh Hamrick, the Sandbox Designer from Bungie Studios, was going to be doing a presentation on Full Sail Campus on Thursday, October 14th. We started planning for it then. But, at 6:15 on Oct. 11th, using Twitter, Josh decided […]

Mar 29

AMMIH Meets x Awal x

Things have changed quite a bit since the wedding. Psycho and I have been playing Halo more often. We’re also beginning to discover how deep the Halo rabbit hole really goes. There are so many Halo 3 forums and communities but we were referred to one in particular, Facility B5D. It was named after the […]

Feb 26

AMMIH on The Daily Buzz

Psycho and I were invited to make a guest appearance on The Daily Buzz this morning. I woke up at about 4 am (Does that count as being the butt crack of dawn?) to shower and get ready. Here is a little bit about the show, which I borrowed from wikipedia: The Daily Buzz is […]

Jan 27

MTV Must See Video!

MTV’s Stephen Totilo flew down to spend our special day with us. { Click HERE for the Full Story } P.S. For more exclusive MTV coverage please visit our Press page. I’ve been doing my best to keep it updated.