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Dec 13

RAAM’s Shadow Appears Today

It looks like Punxsutawney Phil has someone stealing his light. But when we see this guys shadow, it means more Gears of War… not more Winter. I highly doubt when RAAM sees his own shadow that he runs back into the hole he came out of; My guess would be, that he stomps a mudhole […]

Oct 21

Gears 3 DLC on its way

A couple weeks ago, Epic announced the “Horde Command Pack” DLC to be released on November 1st. I read it, saw the trailer on the dashboard, and said, “meh”. But, yesterday, I saw something that piqued my interest. The headline, Gears of War 3 gives you more RAAM got me a little excited. Then reading […]

Sep 13

Donate & Win Gears of War 3

Note: We have a PAX recap still in the works but we thought this post was important enough to go up first. Our folks over at StickSkills are aiding in the campaign for Extra Life (A Sarcastic Gamer Community Charity Effort). For those who do not know, Extra Life is a non-profit organization that raises […]