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Oct 26

Forward Unto Dawn: Part 4

Oh, this is getting Goooooood! Ok… with them being able to do this, someone please tell me why we cant haz Halo Movie?

Oct 22


Halo Waypoint gives us another live action trailer for Halo 4. Here is “Scanned.”

Aug 23

Halo 4 Original Soundtrack and Special Edition Remix

Information on the Halo 4 Original Soundtrack has been announced!… and then some! When I started seeing Halo 4 videos on Waypoint getting dub remixes, hearing that they are working with wubz, wubz not surprising. This sounds… interesting.

Oct 18

Halo:CEA Hang’Em High and Kinect Integration

You read the Title, right?! Of course you did… Did you clean up the Mess you just made? No?! OK that could wait…. Ok, It says Hang’Em High, but the name of the map is “High Noon.” Now, I know that this map was a fan favorite that was just as Iconic as Blood Gulch/Coagulation, […]

Apr 15

Big news for 343 Industries and Halo

Microsoft has released information about Halo Waypoint getting a HUGE update and added content coming very soon. There’s many new things to talk about, so make sure you’re sitting down… you may be standing…or dancing by the end of this. First off, yesterday, a very large number of Avatar items have made their way to […]