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Dec 09

IMO: Halo:CE Anniversary Map Pack

I’m using this to start another trend here. “In My Opinion” will be popping up here when I want to give you guys my opinion. You care. Don’t lie. This IMO is coming to you on a special day and is brought to you by 343i; Climbing in your playlists and snatching your Reticule Bloom […]

Nov 14

10 Years of Halo/GameStop Midnight Launch

Tonight at midnight, something grand happens. The clock switches to 12:00? Yes, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Tonight, the when that time hits, the public will be swarming into stores to grab Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition. We’ve been seeing a lot of information about how this game is going to “set the […]

Oct 26

Halo:CEA Music

This video shows more of what 343 has been doing with the music for Halo:CEA. I, myself, was a little worried about how this would turn out. But, they laid the majority of my fears to rest with this BTS. This game is great, and 343’s additions will be, too.

Oct 25

More Halo:CEA Goodness

We’ve Been away far too long… Everything that I’ve seen in the past month has drastically increased my desire for this game. And there is more to come…

Oct 18

Halo:CEA Achievement List

The Halo: Combat Evolved Achievement list has been announced! It did drop a few days ago, but just in case you missed it…