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Jun 01

Google to expand its empire with Google TV – Tech Tuesday #42

Google has gone from being the little [search] engine that could to being mega-corporation spanning many different industries from telecom to energy. Google is looking to expand it’s empire once again with Google TV. Announced just last week at the developer event Google I/O, Google has set its sights firmly on conquering the television industry.

Sep 15

Tech Tuesday #7: Did You Drop The Chip?

Another week gone by, and another set of days ticked off my countdown to two or three solid days of no sleep and intense gaming. For those that attended PAX and caught the flu, best of luck recovering quickly. Now let’s get started as I have something to show you that I find a bit […]

Sep 08

Tech Tuesday #6: Time To Go To The Grocery Store

Hello again, everyone. Honestly was surprised when I looked at my clock and it said it was Tuesday today. Nearly spent the morning playing Section 8 instead of typing this up, my bad. 😛 A quick little thing to toss out to iPhone users, the official Flickr app has finally made it through the gauntlet […]