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Sep 20

AMMIH Podcast #4: Cats & Dogs

Week #4 guys! We’re rolling at a pretty good pace. In this one we cover a few more Mobile Games, give a shout out to a listener with a special request, and found out about a new “toy” to play with. We had to run this podcast a bit short due to a special guest […]

Jul 20

There’s about to be MORE Zombies on our lawn…

PopCap has announced more mayhem to come to our recently well defended lawns. A while back we fell into this curiosity from obtaining Zuma (and that’s thanks to Hawty McBloggy), then looking into other games that were made by PopCap. No one ever told us about Plants Vs Zombies. Maybe they could have saved us […]

Jan 26

Tech Tuesday #25: The End Of Taking Things Seriously

Hello again everyone, taking a break from busting up Paradiso minions to relax in my chair and flip through some news. Yes, then it is straight back to playing Bayonetta. Sad part? The guy who created it, Hideki Kamiya, will probably be more recognized for Bayonetta than the Devil May Cry series. Anyway, that’s a […]