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Oct 19

Josh Hamrick: Memoirs of a Gamer

This past Thursday, Full Sail University’s Game Development program Graduate, Josh Hamrick the Sandbox Designer form Bungie studios, gave his Alma Mater and its current students a presentation about his life leading up to and becoming a Game Dev in the industry. His presentation was thought provoking, inspiring, humorous, and most of all… driven. To […]

Oct 18

Full Sail LAN Party with Josh Hamrick

Above- Josh Hamrick, David Jorgenson, and David Brown Early on last week we found out that Josh Hamrick, the Sandbox Designer from Bungie Studios, was going to be doing a presentation on Full Sail Campus on Thursday, October 14th. We started planning for it then. But, at 6:15 on Oct. 11th, using Twitter, Josh decided […]

Oct 15

AMMIH Podcast #6: Halo Obsessed Idiots

Week #6 After the funk… it’s a good thing we waited. Mobile games, of course, then we take a look at “Apt. 117” and mention that Josh Hamrick, from Bungie, will be re-visiting Full Sail soon. (That’s on our doorstep!) We also have more sad electronic news…