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Jul 12

Halo 4 Xbox 360 Bundle Leaked

Earlier today the Microsoft store had accidentally listed the Halo 4 Limited Edition Xbox 360 bundle. What’s crazy, is that IGN was on top of it like white on rice in a glass of milk on a paper plate in a snowstorm.At least that’s what Kotaku says… The link has since been removed, of course. […]

Mar 12

Angry Birds: Space first gameplay footage

SPAAAAAAAACE! Our boys over at Kotaku showed us some Angry Birds: Space. Now, we here at the AMMIH household, love ourselves some good mobile gaming… and an Angry Birds sequel is most welcome. This game looks AMAZING! I can’t wait to play it. Over and over and over again…. Wait, just one more…. There are […]

Jun 24


Check out this “pay what you want to” game called Proun. It’s an abstract racing game, you have to see it to understand what that means.

Jun 07

E3: Final Fantasy XIII-2

Kotaku grabbed some footage of people playing the sequel to FF XIII. Seems like this game is going to incorporate time travel at least partially in the overall story arc. I’ll admit it, I’m intrigued. Check Kotaku’s page to see the gameplay for yourself.

Apr 07

I’m Back And With Candy

by Ryokea in News, Video

Not really though, the candy part at least. Let’s just say that things were a little crazy for a month or two. I’ll spare the details, for both of our sakes.

Jan 10

Halo: Cryptum

Now, if you haven’t heard there is a new Halo novel out, authored by Greg Bear. The crew over at Kotaku has posted an excerpt if you wish to dive in and taste a bit of what the book has to offer.