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Jul 20

The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses

On Saturday, Jul 14, 2012 we finally got the opportunity to see The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of The Goddesses at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre in Orlando, FL. And it was AMAZING! Before the show we got a chance to sneak a few pictures of some of the cosplayers that dressed up for […]

Jun 07

E3: Legend of Zelda

Three little tidbits about the LoZ series and a video for you to listen to while skimming through.

Jun 16

E3 Wrap-up: The Winner is..

Another day of trailers and announcements gone by. Nintendo and Sony were the two main heavy hitters to toss some words around for the audience to greedily soak up. While there is still the rest of today left before the “winner” of this year’s E3 will be decided upon by the collective masses of gamers, […]