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Oct 26

Forward Unto Dawn: Part 4

Oh, this is getting Goooooood! Ok… with them being able to do this, someone please tell me why we cant haz Halo Movie?

Jul 04

Forward Unto Dawn Official Teaser Trailer (Live Action)

Yes… LIVE ACTION HALO! Not just cut scenes, but an entire digital series. Cannot wait. Watch this teaser and then we dance… Did you subscribe?… YOU BETTER HAVE!

May 28

Video Games are Taking Over

We were shown a nice little gem from the interwebs. Patrick Jean has created an awesome video, showing us what it would be like if Pixels took over the world. What better place to start than New York? Keep an eye out for some great classic references. You can view work from Patrick’s Portfolio Here.

Feb 09

Stick to Wardrobe Monsters

We’d like to Congratulate Hudson Creations on getting contracted by Machinima.com! We did some voice acting for one of his recent ads, which you’ll find below. Check out more of his work on Youtube.

Nov 15

Dear Sister

Hello once again everyone. I’ve got a quick little tidbit for you. Not too long ago, SickNdehed decided that she wanted to get involved in Voice Acting. She has a great voice for something like that, in my opinion. Well, she started poking around and found that people were looking for Voice Actors on machinima.com. […]

Jun 28

Happy Birthday BS ANGEL!

Yesterday was bs angel’s birthday. To celebrate, some of her loyal fans made her a video. Happy Birthday bs angel!!! P.S. Just in case anyone was wondering, the secret to looking and feeling young is remaining a kid at heart. =)