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Oct 26

Halo:CEA Music

This video shows more of what 343 has been doing with the music for Halo:CEA. I, myself, was a little worried about how this would turn out. But, they laid the majority of my fears to rest with this BTS. This game is great, and 343’s additions will be, too.

Mar 09

VEVO is officially my new favorite website – Tech Tuesday #30

For years now I have been telling anyone who would listen about my plans to build a website based on music videos. “It would be everything that MTV is NOT,” I’d say. It would not only let you to search for specific artists or songs, but it would also allow you to save playlists to […]

Jul 01

Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

Who woudda thunk it? A child packed full of talent from Gary, Indiana who became a household name has managed to touch many lives in many different ways. Before our dear MJ was dancing with zombies, he was singing his little heart out with the musical group, the Jackson 5. His stardom evolved into amazing […]