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Aug 10

Will Google And Verizon Kill The Internet? The Debate Over Net Neutrality Rages On – Tech Tuesday #48

On Monday, Google and Verizon announced a “policy proposal” detailing a tiered payment structure for the internet. The basic crux of which states that the service provider (ie Verizon) should be allowed to stream data faster for content providers (ie YouTube, owned by Google) who pay for the privilege, thus separating this VIP traffic from […]

Nov 03

Tech Tuesday #13: Under The Mistletoe

Ryo here, been spending the last week in what seems a nearly constant level grind on Borderlands. Still that won’t stop me from taking a breather to sit down and dig through the usual foray of news. Anyone enjoy last week’s video? 😛 With advances in science and technology happening so often anymore, we get […]

Sep 29

Tech Tuesday #8: Quest Begins

Hello everyone, I’m back from a week spent playing ODST and various other games. Now today I think will be a little different, unless I happen across a catchy video by the time I end this article that is. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sustain having a video every week, so this week […]