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Oct 07

Dead Rising 2 Review: CASE 2

Dead Rising 2: Multiplayer Welcome to Part Two of my review of Dead Rising 2, in which I address the games Cooperative play, Multiplayer modes, and some other stuff I might’ve missed in my initial review of the Single player Campaign.

Jul 08

The Saboteur

The Saboteur is the last game made by the studio Pandemic. It was liquefied very shortly after the launch of the game. Honestly speaking, I had very little knowledge of the game before ever getting around to playing it. I do recall watching an ad or two and seeing that you played an Irishman during […]

Mar 30

Playstation Move takes on the Wii and Project Natal – Tech Tuesday #33

Earlier this month, Sony launched their answer to Nintendo’s Wii and Microsoft’s upcoming Natal dubbed the PlayStation Move. While coning in late to the game, Sony’s offering does show some promise. But is it enough to have any impact?

Mar 25

Here Comes a New Challenger! – Game Review: Street Fighter IV

Growing up, whether you had a Sega Genesis or a SNES, you were laughed at if you didn’t have Street Fighter 2 to beat up the neighbors in. SF has been a staple in fighting games since those days. The artwork to come from that series (fan or official) have been no joke either.